David and Goliath?

David and Goliath?

Emily Melossal, by no means colossal
Measured just three foot seven.
Gertie, however, was the size of a heifer
At a massive nine foot eleven.

The crowd was hushed and footsteps rushed
As the two got into position;
Spectators froze as the tension rose
And somebody called a physician.

There was a gasp and a coughing rasp
As Gertie drew her sword.
“Go get her, Gert!” cried a man with no shirt
And Gertie lunged forward and roared.

Just at that moment, Emily bent
Picking up stones that were easy to hold.
She flung one with ease and like a hot knife through cheese
The stone knocked big Gertie out cold.

The crowd went to it, some yelled, “How’d you do it?”
Some laughed, some danced and some cried.
In response to the query, Em smiled sincerely
And said. “I’ve got the Lord on my side.”